Friday, November 26, 2010

take 66: to forgive, and to forget.

salam satu malaysia.
selamat pagi dunia!

last night, something happened.
last night was a sad, gloomy, and emotional night. yes. and i hate last night.
its like I've hurt someone so badly. well, i realize that. i have hurt that person so badly, as bad as he did to me before.
its not like i am paying revenge or what, its just that all things just slipped out.
and me, as a girl, cant control everything.

all this will never happened if i forgive this particular person on the first place, and forget everything. start all over again. is it that hard? yes, it is hard indeed.

now, to start all over again,  it is impossible.
it is too late.
now.. i am truly sorry, you. yeah you. i can't say your name, can i?

maybe its hard for you to forgive and forget me. but i don't mind. take your time.

as for me, nabilah shuaid, i have forgiven you. and forget what you did to me.
truly from my heart.

p.s: can we start all over again? everything is a mess, you know? lets forgive and forget, okay? hee :)