Friday, June 10, 2011

take 134: need supplement. overrr.

salam satu malaysia.
hahhaha lama gila tk merepek kat sini. sory baby, i'm just too busy to write. ececeh.
jgn kecik hati ye!

there will be times that we'll feel tired. very tired.
tired of what, haaa tu yg kita nak tau ye.

there will be times that we'll feel confused.
confused between what, haaa tu kita kena siasat jugak.

there will be times that we feel that we need to let go.
let go of what, haaa tu pon kite kene siasat jugak.

tapi saya pasti,
there will be times that there are no one to be blame.
haaa yg tu tak payah siasat. sebab memang takde sape2.

there will be time, yang kite semua kena redha.
redha dgn apa, yang tu kena pandai2 fikir. jgn tersalah redha.

and for me,
this is the time.
this is the time that i think i am too tired to keep holding on. too tired as i need to find supplements
that can support me so that i can still hold things on. but i failed.

ccehh. welcome to loserville.