Thursday, April 28, 2011

take 125: the story of me, keeping silence.

ekeke.salam satu malaysia.
love love love. i want your love.
gila dah. baru berapa lama tak update blog. terus tak centre. plus final exam yg bg kerjasama sgt baik dgn
bagi soalan mencabar minda sampai dekat satu bas jugak la yg nak tulis nama dlm attendance list untuk class for repeaters next sem.

okay. mukadimah agak lari tajuk sikit.
 this post is gonna be the story of me, keeping silence. of my anger. frustration.
the story of a hot tempered girl who can keep the anger inside her. the story on me, training myself to life among the selfish people. getting used to backstabber. actress and actor.

and thus, i choose to keep silence and stay in the game. to see how long the backstabbers can hold, stay to see the actress play the drama and see the selfish people to get down, and realize their path is wrong. when the time comes, i'll just sit back and relax, and enjoy the moment fruitfully. there will be no forgive given and no apology accepted.
this is me when i choose to be silence.