Friday, December 3, 2010

take 76: you wished for a war? fine. let's have one. the icy cold one i mean!

good morning.
oh. yeah. i am declaring a war. a cold war.
i am good in this type of war.

hey soul sister. whats the problem huh?
we're not talking to each other this past few days.

i tried to make things better. i'ts YOU. You are the one who have that stone heart.
yes you.
i even cracked jokes. many of them. i tried to talk to you first.
ha. no reply. trying to pissed me off huh?

if you, have anything to tell me, come on.
spill it out. i will never know my mistakes or wrongdoing. i am a human, remember?
there's no need to pull that -hidup-kau-hidup-kau-hidup-aku-hidup-aku-face. it's ugly you know?

well, if you haven't know your sister,
now i am telling you this.
i tried everything to clear the situation.
now i'm done trying.

lets continue this cold war until you are ready to talk to me first.
i don't mind. actually, i am enjoying this war to the fullest.
less talking, less communicating and more hatred to each other huh?

you are the one who started everything.
you are going to end up everything. not me. not anyone else.

p.s: i know you'll read this. put this in your diary, okay?
its not easy for us to have a really cold war like this. we'll see whether you can bear it.
trying to live alone huh?
good luck!